2022 Games of the Year: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker


We're kicking things off with Endwalker.  Remember, our calendar year here lines up with the Geek to Geek podcast which runs roughly from December to December.  This was one that I had just barely started to play when we did our Games of the Year for 2021, so it qualifies for 2022 instead.

That means our running games of the year list looks like this:

  1. Endwalker
Not a lot to it yet, but we'll build from here.

The thing is... this one is going to be hard to top.  Endwalker was the culmination of a decade of story and content in Final Fantasy XIV which gives it a bit of an unfair advantage.  I ultimately think that Shadowbringers was a stronger stand-alone expansion but Endwalker represents everything that FFXIV has done up through 2021 so it gets a big boost from that.

Endwalker manages to stick the landing on a decade of storytelling, builds on the world, was fun to play through, and it gives us a soft reset for future FFXIV expansions.  The other thing that makes Endwalker even more important for me is that it represents a bunch of time I spent with my brother playing FFXIV together leading up to and during this expansion.  That's one of my favorite gaming moments and experiences of the year.

I think Endwalker will be very high up my list by the end of the year and I would be surprised if it doesn't land in the top 5.  This will be the one to try to unseat as we add more games to the list.

Ok, we have a start and a baseline.  Time to add some more.


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