Tabletop Simulator Impressions

I've been messing around with Tabletop Simulator a bit since I picked it up on the summer Steam sale.  It's a really cool product.

Basically, you can use your mouse and keyboard to interact with tabletop pieces with other people online.  In doing so you can essentially recreate a ton of tabletop games.

It's been fun just messing around with it, but the real reason I got it is because they're slowly patching in HTC Vive support and that's really the way I want to play this game.  I want to be in VR and able to reach out with my hand to interact with the table.  I want to walk around the tabletop looking at the mini animated figures while playing a tabletop RPG.

I think it has a ton of potential to be cool, especially for adults since getting schedules lined up for a tabletop night of gaming is super difficult.


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