S1E28 - Hype and Media Coverage - “OMG SPACE DINOSAURS!”

Hype and Media Coverage
In this episode:

  • In the wake of No Man's Sky, we're talking about pre-release hype and gaming media in general.
  • Hype generally makes us avoid games because so much of the pre-release media is blown out of proportion. Expectations can be raised that aren’t met very often. But we do love being a part of the discussion after a game is released.
  • When we were younger, however, we both used to get super excited and consume all pre-release media as a kid. Gaming magazines were a much different hype machine than the current state of the internet and social media.
  • When do we pay attention to pre release media and when do we go on media blackout? Basically, if we are interested in a game, we will consume all the pre-release media until we decide if we'll buy it. Then totally tune out the rest. If there is a game we somehow miss (such as Stardew Valley), we listen to trusted friends and gauge our purchases on their opinions.
  • We also talk about what games lived up to the hype, as well as which ones gloriously failed to. But you’ll have to listen to hear which is which! (I know, mean, right?)
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