S1E26 - Geeky Exercise - “You Do You”

Geeky Exercise Habits Are Geeky!
In this episode:
  • Just because we’re geeks doesn’t mean we don’t (or can’t) care about exercise. Both of us make time in our days to take care of ourselves. We make sure, however, that we still get in plenty of geekery while we’re out pounding the pavement.
  • Running is both of our primary exercise. We were late-comers to the sport, and neither of us ever really thought it was something for us. But as post-college adults, something clicked, and we fell into step with running. (Pun totally intended, y’all.)
  • Interestingly enough, we also both suffer from asthma. Void’s is allergy-induced, while Beej’s is exercise-induced. Both of us have to train differently than non-asthmatics, and it took a while for us both to become comfortable with that. In the end, we realized that being healthy and fit is a personal issue that concerns only us, and we learned how to stop comparing ourselves to others--but it wasn’t an immediate thing!
  • Running and exercise sessions are prime time for listening to podcasts, audiobooks, Hamilton (or other music, but why would you?), or even a geeky app like Zombies Run!
  • We both also use stationary bikes when it’s too cold to run, and have it set up so that we can play video games and watch TV while doing so. It keeps us caught up on our geekery while making sure that we don’t pack on too much winter weight.
Weekly Geekery
Beej - Olympics / FFVI on iOS
  • Touch controls have improved since I played it initially. Love the remastered graphics. I really want to grab a gamepad for my iPhone to turn it into a handheld. PLUS! I realized why I hate mobile games--notifications still come through, distracting me and ruining immersion.
Void - Olympics / Fire Emblem Fates Revelations
  • Feels like the “true” campaign but definitely need the other campaigns finished first.  Tons of characters and crossovers and can almost make your own fan fiction relationships between characters.  Noticing reused maps but in interesting ways.
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