Dragon Quest 3 Impressions

After loving the Final Fantasy series so much I thought I should go back and check out another famous JRPG series with Dragon Quest.

I played around with Dragon Quest 1 and 2 awhile ago and wrote about them.  While I liked DQ1 and finished it when I got to DQ2 it felt like more of the same, only paced much worse.

Whenever it was that I bought these I also picked up Dragon Quest 3 and 8 since they're out for iOS too.  I finally got around to giving DQ3 a try and... it's ok I guess.

It again feels like more of the same.  Nothing new or innovative.  Nothing close to the reimagining that Final Fantasy undergoes with every entry.  But it's ok I suppose.  I played it for a few nights, leveled up my party and completed some objectives... then set it down.  I probably won't pick it back up.

Most people I've talked to about the series say that it doesn't change much from game to game and that's part of the appeal.  I need more variety than that.  But, since I already own DQ8 on iOS I'll probably give it a shot before completing giving up on the rest of the series.  DQ8 is the first game in the series to be 3D, so maybe it will be different enough to hold my attention.  Maybe?


  1. It's really fascinating how divergent the paths taken by Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy are despite the fact that they started out very similar. While the original Dragon Warrior is a special game for me (hence the avatar I usually use), I also thought the other two games in the first trilogy were just ok, though I did find 3 much more enjoyable than 2. However, I'm still planning on trying at least one more game in the series before I drop it, hoping that I'll find one that'll grab me the same way the original game did. I'm waiting on reviews of the DQ7 remake before I decide whether that next game will be DQ 4, 7, or 8 though. I ended up abandoning the idea of playing the Android version of 8 due to some performance issues and the fact that it omits the voice acting that was one of the standout features of the PS2 release.

    1. It sucks because I want to like Dragon Quest and despite trying a bunch of them I still don't. I would love to have that backlog of quality JRPGs but this series just isn't for me.

  2. On the upside, there's so many good/interesting RPGs out there to play that it's probably not a bad thing to strike a few from the list right off the bat. I know I find out about another cool RPG that I'd like to try on at least a weekly basis and there's no way I'll ever get to all of them.


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