Hand of Fate Impressions

Hand of Fate is a card based choose your own adventure... action game?  It's honestly a weird blend of genres.  It's out now on multiple systems, including PC where I picked it up.

I'm realizing more and more that I like these modern incarnations of the choose your own adventure novel.  This game is all about a journey through a deck of cards.  There are encounters, items, locations, shops, enemies, and all sorts of interesting things in the deck.

It seems like both the player deck and encounter deck can be customized if you so choose.  So far I've only used the "recommended" deck setup for each situation but it's nice to know that there is a lot of variety in replayability if I want it.

The strangest part of the game is that combat actually takes place in a fully rendered 3D hack and slash setting while the rest of the game takes place on a tabletop with cards.

The hack and slash portion is serviceable but the game shines with the cards on the tabletop.  This is where it really feels like the interesting parts of the game are happening and where all the encounters take place.  It's full of interesting decisions and story elements.  I would honestly be fine if the 3D combat was entirely removed from the game.  It's the rest of it that I'm having a lot of fun with.

And one of the coolest parts is that by playing the game you unlock more cards for all the decks.  That means over time the possibilities grow and the gameplay becomes more and more diverse.

I love a good choose your own adventure and I love a good card game.  Hand of Fate combines them both in an interesting way and I'm really excited to see what else it has in store for me.


  1. I've contemplated this game several times. It's interesting how many different genres it mixes, I was just worried that it would be to complex for its own good. Sounds like you think it's pretty good though.

    1. It's really solid. I feel like the 3D combat is a little too simplistic for my tastes, but besides that I'm enjoying the game a lot. It's definitely not too complex.

  2. I really liked this game, though the last couple levels got super hard! I usually make a point of finishing games, but I gave up on this one right at the end.

    1. I'm still not super far into this one, but I like all the basics of the gameplay formula. It's sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to come back and revisit it.


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