Fallout 4 Initial Impressions

No Spoilers in this post!  Promise!  Just gameplay thoughts.

I'm not a Fallout diehard fan but I really liked Fallout 3 and I've been looking forward to Fallout 4 ever since it was announced.

Since it came out earlier this week I've been able to starting digging into it.  I picked it up on PC and have been playing it both on my computer with keyboard/mouse and on my TV via my Steamlink with a Xbox 360 controller.  Well, I would be but the Steamlink set-up is a little buggy at the moment for this game.  I can get it to stream to the Steamlink but I can't get sound.  It's launch week though, and it's such a low priority bug.  I'm sure it'll get patched up quickly.

As a quick side note so far I haven't had any gamebreaking bugs on PC.  Just a couple super tiny graphical oddities, but they're rare and far between.

I really like Fallout 4.  It's a brand new open world to explore.  The very first night I touched the game I played a 6 hour session.  I honestly don't know the last time that I was so into a game that I sat down and played for 6  hours straight.  That's a crazy amount of time for me with my current schedule/responsibilities.

I'm having the same feelings I did when I first played Fallout 3, I just want to explore the world!  It's all new and anything could be around the next corner.  As always, some of the most fun comes from getting distracted and stumbling onto something when you were actually trying to do something else.

It's a lot like Fallout 3... but refined.  The graphics are better, the gameplay is tighter, the world feels more dense, the dialogue flows easier, everything is just cranked up a notch.  If you liked Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas you will love Fallout 4.

There are a couple new things as far as crafting goes.  Such as the fact that crafting exists.  All of the junk you pick up can be used as material either for crafting structures or crafting modifications for weapons and armor.  One of the cool things I noticed is that I'm actually starting to get attached to weapons since I'm modifying them.  It's giving me a weird sense of ownership... but that's probably it's own post.

So far I'm loving Fallout 4.  If you're a fan of Bethesda's open world games you should definitely pick up Fallout 4.  You won't be disappointed.


  1. I haven't played any of the previous Fallout games, which I am quite ashamed to say as an avid gamer. However, I have a friend who bought this game at the midnight launch, and played it for 22 hours straight (crazy), and absolutely loves it.

    It's one of those games where I don't want to watch any Youtube videos for the gameplay, because like you rightly touched on in your post, it's a game which I want to explore by myself and find cool new things out as I play it. I don't want any spoilers, as I am going to pick this game up at some point.

    Thanks for the write up!

    1. Glad I could help! I thought a spoiler free impression post was in order. I'll probably do a write up later about the story.

      But the most fun in Fallout is always just wandering the wasteland and seeing what you run into.

    2. I must admit, thats why I love these types of games when you stay away from media. Just not knowing what you are going to find, makes it so much more fun to play.


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