Do You Use the Default Character?

Let me pose a question.  Do you use the default character?

Because a lot of the time I do.

When I started up Fallout 4 last week I was so excited to get into the game but within the first minutes you are thrown into the character creator.  I know a lot of people who will spend hours creating their character... but I don't.

All I did was change a couple of the scars and tweak the hair color slightly.  It took me less than a minute.  Basically, I'm just using the default character the game provided me.  And I'm completely fine with it.

The best part was getting to the gameplay right away.  I didn't have to put my excitement on hold while I tweaked and modified and changed and tweaked some more.  I got to dive into Fallout 4 right away.

As long as the default character isn't horribly ugly I do this in a lot of games.  I played through all of the Mass Effect series with the default male Commander Shepard.

I'm extra glad I didn't spend a ton of time on my character in Fallout 4 because within the first hour I had a helmet that is actually a full face mask... so I'll probably never see my character's face again.  It seems like all the advanced armor covers your entire face.

What about you guys, do you ever use the default character?  Or are you a tweaker... will you spend hours getting your character to look just perfect for you?  And why?


  1. It varies a bit. To a large extent, the more complicated and granular the character creation the more likely I am to just use the default or hit random until I get something I like. For Fallout 4 I changed the hairstyle, swapped out the nose, and added a beard, but left the rest of the face pretty much untouched.

    1. I do that level of basic customization sometimes. I'm usually just so excited to get into the game that I don't want to spend a ton of time in character creation.

  2. I rarely ever use the default, but I'm also not great at making my character look how I want i to, so I don't spend a ton of time on it. I choose the pre-set I like best, change the hair and makeup and make a few tweaks to the face.

  3. I am not sure I have ever used the default in anything.


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