Endgame Time Commitment

Heroics in WoW take too long.  I love the challenge, I love the difficulty, but I hate the time commitment it takes to run 5-man dungeons.  I need 2+ hours to successfully clear a heroic dungeon, but that's hard to come by when you're a parent, work for a living, and have WoW crash constantly.  2 hours is a lot of time to ask of someone who plays casually.

I can feel my interest in the game waning, and the time associated with endgame content is a big reason.  I want to be able to jump online and have an exciting adventure in 20-40 minutes.  That's not an unreasonable request.  I can get exactly that from games like League of Legends and Team Fortress 2.  At the moment in WoW it takes around 40 minutes in the queue as a DPS and then 2+ hours to clear a heroic.  Even when I run with guildies and have no queue wait time I still usually end up leaving before we complete the dungeon.

I feel I'm in a weird spot.  I want the difficulty to remain high, but I don't want heroic dungeons to take so long.  Besides completely getting rid of trash mobs I don't know how they could solve this problem.  Maybe I'll be happy when they nerf the bosses and make runs quicker, but honestly I'll probably be unsubscribed by that point.


  1. Or you could just extend the heroic reset timers (from the raid menu) and continue the instance later.

  2. If I had a regular group that's what I'd do, but the current thinking is usually that everyone wants to complete as many dungeons as possible as fast as possible.

    If I had a strong group of real life friends to play with then I would suggest it. I don't think it will work with pugs and guildies.

    Thanks for the thought!

  3. Oh dude, I am completely on board with that. I play to see my friends on occasion, and to run the occasional 5-man. The last one I did was HoO on NORMAL, and that took 2.5 hours. What in the name of hell!


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