The Final Fantasy Project

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Thinking about old school RPGs reminded me of something I've always wanted to do.  I want to be able to legitimately say I have beaten every Final Fantasy game.  It's time for me to start towards that goal.

First of all I'd like to lay down some ground rules.  I'm only going to count the "main" Final Fantasy series.  That means Final Fantasy I through XIII count but not Tactics, X-2, Chocobo Dungeon, or that sort of thing.  I also don't count the MMO Final Fantasy games which are XI and XIV.  I tried them and hated them.  They seem more like a gimmick than an actual attempt at a Final Fantasy game.  With these rules I have 12 Final Fantasy games to beat.

As of today I've already beaten Final Fantasy VII and everything above it.  That brings the number of games I have to beat down to 6.  That's a lot of hours, but not totally unmanageable especially because I don't intend to play them all back to back.  This is a long term goal for me, but it is something I truly want to do.

I started playing Final Fantasy I this week and am really enjoying it.  Expect to see some impressions soon.


  1. I don't count X-2 as one of the mainline games. I've beat 'em all aside from XII personally.... I never could get into it. :/

  2. XII had a really weak story. It was about the countries and kingdoms around the characters, but the characters themselves never really developed. I ended up beating it, but it's not one of my favorites. I probably won't replay it.

    I did like the gambit system. It's basically the same as Dragon Age's tactics for characters, but I thought it was interesting at the time. It was fun to set up commands but then battles became trivial. Like I said, it was interesting, but not one of my favorites.

  3. I couldn't get through 2 (the grind got to me mid-game), and I think I never finished 4 or 5 (they slipped through the priority cracks). I'm in the middle of 12 and then I'll play 13. I'm avoiding X-2; it's an abomination as far as I'm concerned.

    Maybe it's about time I polish the series of, m'self. (And incidentally, can you ever even *finish* an MMO? 11 and 14 seem like aberrations to me, too.)

    Here's hoping you have fun with your quest, and I'm looking forward to the articles!

  4. I actually didn't mind X-2. It was strangely feminine, in a weird way, but for some reason I thought the dress sphere system was interesting. I think it was mainly worth it because I finally got to find out what happens to Tidus after the ambiguous ending of FFX.

    What are your thoughts on 12 at the moment?

  5. I'm not sure how far I am into 12, but I'm guessing about a third of the way. I like it so far. The story is unnecessarily political (dry) and a bit obscure, but the characters are likable. (I do wish the Viera weren't exhibitionists, though; Fran is a good character saddled with unfortunate fetish fuel.) The game systems are solid, though progress seems pretty slow. Leveling doesn't seem to bring much improvement, and the License Grid is slow. I love the flexibility of the system, but it just feels slow. Combat is interesting, with real time positioning actually being important (at least if you have a good block rate). I love that it's more tactical that way. The game is gorgeous, but I wish I could change the camera controls. All in all, some good, some bad, but more good. *shrug*

    I really wanted to like X-2 because I loved the characters of X. The incessant and insipid "grrl power" bit just rubs me the wrong way. I'm too old fashioned, I guess. I'd rather women be accepted for who they are and what they do, not be objects of sexual desire that generate interest and acceptance via flashing flesh and fueling fetishes. I saw the game as character assassination for poor Yuna, and just wanted no part of it. The dress sphere system does indeed look solid, and I'd like to see something similar used in a different setting.


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