Gaming Industry Lull

Usually there's a period of time after Christmas when new releases take a break.  It generally doesn't last long, but it gives everyone a chance to enjoy their brand new Christmas games and dig into their backlog.  This year things are looking a little different.

While it may be a fluke, I think the problem is World of Warcraft.  Specifically the new Cataclysm expansion that launched in early December.  It seems like everyone is playing it, new players and old alike.  WoW is sucking in the gaming community and keeping it captive.

It even distracted me from other games for the last month or so, as I'm sure you could tell from my posts.  I'm basically done with the expansion at this point.  I'm just waiting for my subscription to expire.

Since I've mentally checked out of the World of Warcraft and started looking for other games to play I started noticing the very empty release schedule.  Apparently everyone is waiting until March to launch their high profile games and hardware.

But who can really blame them?  No one wants to compete against the World of Warcraft.  For now I'm just going to play my old standbys.


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