WoW Time Investment Breakdown

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I've rejoined the World of Warcraft.  I haven't played a lot yet, but I've gotten my feet wet with all the Cataclysm happenings taking place in the world.  I thought it would be interesting to look at my current breakdown of time spent doing various activities since I resubscribed.

Character Maintenance - 3 hours
I did a lot of sorting my inventory, setting up some auctions, figuring out my gear, setting up my talents and glyphs, and generally getting reacquainted with my characters.  It wasn't exactly fun, but it was interesting.

Cataclysm Quests and Atmosphere - 3 hours 
I did all the shattering quests I could get my hands on from the questgiver in Orgrimmar.  These were a lot of fun.  I really enjoy questing and interesting storylines in my MMOs and this had both.  Besides that, I was just taking in some of the atmosphere and tension from the shaking world, the attacks on our cities, and the general sense of unease.  It has me very excited for the shattering.

Cataclysm One Boss Dungeons - 2 hours
I ran each of the 4 one boss dungeons.  They were a nice break from questing and they were my first experience with the group finder.  The group finder is awesome.  Being able to do my thing and go questing while the game finds a group on my behalf brings me great joy.  I think I'm going to be doing a lot more dungeon runs then I used to.

Heroic 5-Man Wrath Dungeons - 2 hours
I ran a few of the 5-man heroic dungeons and I'm sad to say that nothing is new.  I've been away for a year and they remain the same, although I guess we get a new currency instead of tokens.  That's not a big change.  They're still solid dungeons, but I've run them all more times then I can remember.  I want to explore new dungeons and have new experiences instead.

The word on the street (or on MMO blogs at any rate) is that the shattering is happening today.  I'm off to see what they've patched in with the Tuesday update.  Hopefully it's awesome!


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