Will Kinect Learn From the Wii?

Xbox 360 Kinect launches tomorrow and I have to say I'm not completely impressed with the launch game lineup.  When I first saw the Kinect technology I couldn't help but imagine how amazing it's games could be.  With launch day just around the corner I'm already disheartened with some of the games presented to the public.

It seems like the two types of games that will be dominating the system will be mini-game collections and work out games.  There are some other offerings like Kinectimals and Dance Central that look to make a unique impression with their gameplay, but most games look like they could be Wii games ported over to a new system.

The thing I'm most worried about is the land of shovelware that the Wii has become.  I can't even look at most of the releases because they're so awful, unless they have Mario in the title.  What are the chances of the Kinect succumbing to the same fate?  I truly hope that doesn't happen.

Itsa Me! The Cash Cow!

One thing that's going to be in Microsoft's favor is the prevalence of Xbox Live Arcade.  It has become a widely accepted part of the Xbox experience and there are some great gems in the lineup.  Most XBLA games are in the five to fifteen dollar range too, which only helps make them more palatable.  If they start releasing XBLA Kinect games they could have a booming business on their hands, but I don't see fifty dollar mini-game collections as a sustainable business model for the system.

Feel free to sound off on the Kinect in the comments.  I'd really like to know if anyone is planning on picking up the Kinect, and which part you're most excited about.  I might have my misgivings, but I really do hope the Kinect turns out to be awesome after all is said and done.


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