Settling into Winter with Some Games

I've been busy lately, so while I've been gaming I haven't has as much opportunity to write about my thoughts and experiences.  I wanted to do a quick update on what I'm playing and what I've beaten lately.


I beat Fable III a few days after it came out.  If you were a fan of Fable 2 then Fable III will provide you with some more fun.  There is little in the way of sweeping changes or improvements over the last entry in the series, but there is some solid hack and slash adventure waiting for those interested.  I think in the long run my wife will get more play time out of this game then I will.

For an explorer like me, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is shaping up to be well worth it's price.  With a myriad of missions, collectibles, and objectives I feel that I'll be having fun with the single player campaign for quiet some time.  So far it's a great entry into the series and I can see myself playing until I complete every achievement.  I love the series that much.

From everything I've heard, the multiplayer is supposed to be fantastic and unlike anything else currently on the market.  I hope to dive into that this weekend and report back with my findings.

I've gotten the chance to jump into a few SC2 games lately, but not as often as I did a few months back.  It's still a great game, I just don't have large chunks of time to devote to it.  Instead, I've been watching a lot of high level commentary and matches which are really interesting.

The day[9] daily is my favorite part of the SC2 metagame.  Day[9] discusses strategy, becoming a better gamer, and making time for fun in your play.  If you want to see some unique and funny matches make sure to check out day[9]'s series called Funday Monday.

In which our hero, Meat Boy, platforms like a pro.  This is a hardcore game in a vein that I haven't experienced since childhood.  Remember those days of memorizing levels on your NES because you kept dying in the same spot over and over?  That's what this game is like, but in an amazing way.  If you like a platforming challenge, Super Meat Boy is the best $15 you can spend right now.

My favorite part is the replay after each level completion.  All of your attempts are combined into a super replay where you watch every death happen at the same time while your one final Meat Boy makes it to the level goal.  So fun.

I have written at length about League of Legends already, but it's still occupying the majority of my gaming time.  It's the type of game that I want to play at the moment.  It's a free-to-play, challenging, skill-based, multiplayer, competitive, non-FPS, with an advancement system and loads of customization.  I keep coming back to this League of Legends day after day.  I love this game.

I recently went back and started working on my saved game again.  I think I'm about two thirds of the way done with the main quest. The problem I'm running into with DA:O is that I'm a completionist and an explorer, so I keep wandering off to do every side quest I find.  I explore every room of every dungeon and want to complete the dialog tree with every NPC I meet.  In a game as sprawling as DA:O that takes a lot of time.  I think I have 40 hours invested already.  I really want to beat this one by the time Dragon Age 2 comes out in the spring.

I officially resubscribed and bought the digital copy of Cataclysm.  I'm currently in the process of getting my characters prepared and switching servers so that I'm ready when Cataclysm releases on December 7th.  I still haven't played much, I'm mostly just doing housekeeping with my account.  Expect to hear more from me about WoW once Cataclysm hits.

That's where all of my gaming hours have been going.  I wanted to write a few more reviews and impressions about my current stock of games, but life has just been too busy.  I'm hoping to get more writing time over the upcoming holiday season.  In the meantime I'd love to hear about what's currently on your gaming menu.


  1. Well, we currently have zero overlap, it seems.

    I'm playing through Lost Horizon (indie point & click adventure) on the PC and just gearing up to start Demon's Souls again after a long break.

    I'm also burning through my backlog of demos - I love experiencing all sorts of game types in bite-sized morsels.... although a lot of companies have no clue how to make a good demo. ;)

    I'm taking a break from my DS for a change, and reading most nights.

  2. I've been doing a lot more reading too. I can always find time to pick up a book, even though I can't always get a gaming session in.

    Demon's Souls looks like a really interesting game. I wanted to check it out, but its PS3 exclusive which is unfortunate.

    Glad to hear you're having fun with lots of demos. I just did that a few days ago too!


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