Update to StarCraft 2 Scouting Guide

I still intend to write a review of the StarCraft 2 single player campaign.  I've finished it and I loved it, but there were a couple of nit-picky things I didn't like within it.  Anyway, that's for another day.  The last couple of days I've just been chilling and enjoying StarCraft 2 because I've had a little bit of time off of work.  I don't feel like doing an in-depth analysis quite yet.

However, I did take the time to update another post in my StarCraft 2 Newbie Guide.  I went back and rewrote a few parts of my scouting guide as well as adding new images and updating some minor mis-information.  I like the post a lot because scouting is a key part of playing StarCraft 2 well.  It's an interesting concept that involves knowing your opponent's mindset.

I've been a little StarCraft 2 heavy with my content lately, but I have a few other topics I want to cover this week.  We'll see if I find time to write or if I get distracted by the awesomeness that is StarCraft 2.

Also, take some time to check out this post about air units in StarCraft 2.  It discusses the way air units are implemented in the game compared to the way air units are in other games.


  1. New players might not know this, but you don't have to completely finish out a game by waiting until all of your structures are destroyed. If you hit F10 (or click STARCRAFT the menu button) one of the options within the menu is surrender. Usually when you're ready to throw in the towel it's good manners to say good game - typically abbreviated gg - to your opponent and then surrender.


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