Summer Slumping

The summer slump is still in full swing if you aren't a StarCraft 2 fan.  Most big releases don't start coming out until late September.  All the game companies want their game to become the "must have" game of the holiday season.  This sucks for us gamers because it means we barely have any new releases at the moment and a bunch of decent games will fall through the cracks during the holidays.

If game companies would pick slow times of the year to release their games they would get a lot more attention from the community.  Just look at how much press StarCraft 2 is getting right now because it's the only big game release in months.  There's usually another quiet period right after New Year's that would be a great time to generate tons of press attention.

Anyway, if you're looking to fight the summer slump you can look at a bunch of the flash games I've featured lately.  I'd also like to point you towards another tower defense (I can't get enough of that genre) that I came across in the past week.  The game is Gemcraft chapter 0 and it's surprisingly challenging.  If you're looking for a tower defense game where managing your resources is key then check out Gemcraft.

Don't forget to get out and enjoy the outdoors while the weather is nice.  Soon enough it'll be winter.


  1. I'm loving that the summer slump has finally arrived, albeit much later than usual. I'm finally able to polish off some of the older games I own without need to worry about anything new coming out and adding to my backlog.

    I definitely agree that NOW would be a great time to schedule a game launch, but I think it's also difficult due to the unpredictability of staffing in the summer months - I'm sure that has to play a role in why a lot of companies don't ship during this period. Still - delaying a release until now would ensure more press.... and that can't be a bad thing.

    A game's success is often about more than just its qualities; the timing of its release is a crucial factor too. Release in a crush of games and your title runs the risk of being ignored.....

  2. I would like to see games released more evenly throughout the year. Right now there is such a lull, but then September through December it's almost impossible to keep up with new releases. That's why so many gamers have a backlog of games that we never get around to trying.


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