Kindle Acquired

Only a few days after writing about how I want to buy a Kindle soon my uncle sends me this!

He doesn't read my blog, but his timing was perfect.  I had just talked to him the other week about how much I read on my ipod touch Kindle application and he was telling me all about the updated Kindle he had just ordered.  Turns out he got the new Kindle and decided to send his old one to me, for free!  I love my family.

I've been reading The Black Prism, which just came out, on my new (used) Kindle and I'm really liking it.  On the ipod touch I inverted the colors so that text was white and the background was black.  It helped with eye strain a bunch, but it doesn't even come close to how nice the digital ink is in the actual Kindle.  It really does feel like reading from a piece of paper.

By the way, The Black Prism is a fantastic book by Brent Weeks and you should check it out if you need new reading material.  For a hardcover copy it costs $25 but if you snag the digital copy - like I did - it's only about $13.  Just another reason to love electronic books.

Another cool thing I didn't realize about the Kindle is that it gives me random images every time I power it down since it doesn't draw power when actually displaying an image.  Sometimes it's random authors and other times it's interesting images.  It's just a nice little feature that I hadn't even thought about.

 Like this!

My main two complaints about the Kindle are the joystick and the Kindle store browsing.  Browsing seems really slow and I often would double or triple hit a button because the Kindle hadn't registered my input yet.  The joystick is really sensitive and sometimes I'll try to click it in (which is like the enter button) but it will move first and then click.  It's a minor annoyance, but it's still my main complaint.

I think both of the problems I mentioned above have been fixed in the new Kindle which just came out.  It also looks like it's lighter, faster, and has smaller next page buttons.  Maybe I'll get one in the future, but for now this Kindle is amazing and I can't wait to read more books on it!


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