Sex in MMOs

Sex sells.  There's no denying that fact.  Be that as it may, there's a certain point where sexualizing things becomes absurd. Just look at this recent footage from TERA, an upcoming MMO.  Every time the female character runs forward the player looks up her skirt.  Skip to around the 30 second mark and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I can't believe the actually included that in the game.  It's just so blatant.  I have nothing against sex in the proper context, whether it's in real life, books, movies, television, or videogames.  This goes above and beyond what we've seen in games before.  I think this is going to appeal to immature gamers and because of that I'm probably not even going to give TERA a try.  If their core audience responds to upskirts, I don't really want to be a part of their online community.

I never expect sex in games to go away.  Sometimes it even works really well, like the relationships in the Mass Effect series.  I just wish that developers would put sex into a context that makes sense instead of blatantly shoving ass and tits in our faces.


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