Sunday Reading: Where's the fun?

"Why wasn't level X or opportunity Y presented to me earlier? If this thing is so much fun that it's going to cause me to bleed candy from my tear ducts, why haven't I done it yet?" -Seraphina Brennan

That was my favorite quote in the last couple weeks.  Read the article, it's great.

Systemic Babble wrote about steam as it relates to piracy prevention.  He makes some sound points about making the benefits outweigh the hassle of DRM.

No more healers in Guild Wars 2.  Everyone is going to be accountable for their own healing, and I think it's a good thing.  Also, check out the massively article on the same subject.

If you have any interest in SWTOR then you should read this hands-on preview from a bunch of different perspectives.  It covers many different classes and situations as well as talking about including better AI in MMOs.

For your Sunday viewing pleasure, I present Super Mario Bros graffiti speed run.

As always, enjoy your Sunday.


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