Kongregate and Achievements

For the past few weeks whenever I've had a free minute or two I jump over to Kongregate and check out new flash games.  I barely ever visit other flash game sites because Kongregate has a persistent log-in system, chat functions, and achievements which the others lack.  I love achievements and finding them on a flash game site has made me extremely happy!

Whenever I need a new game I go into the menu for badges (badges are what achievements are called on the site) and pick a badge from a game that I've never played before.  They don't give out badges to every game, so most games with badges are decent.  It's kind of like a Kongregate stamp of approval.  They aren't all winners, but it's a great way to find new games without sorting through the 30,000+ games on the site by title alone.

Not only is it a good way to discover new flash games, but I love achievements for the sake of achievements.  I know that some people think they are simply a measure of e-peen, but the reason I like them is because they get me to play videogames in new and interesting ways.  Anything that pushes me out of the box and simultaneously adds more gameplay options is a good thing.


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