Gaming While Tired

 I know how you feel Sleepycat.

Last night I sat down to play StarCraft 2 and I just couldn't do it.  I was completely exhausted from my day (and week) at work and I had crammed a study session for an upcoming interview into my schedule after work.  I wanted to play something to relax but I realized it wasn't StarCraft 2.  Although I've talked a lot about it lately, even going so far as to write a series of newbie guide posts about it, the game requires a lot of mental energy which I don't always have.

Instead I got out my ipod touch and started playing little games on it.  Doodle Jump, Tilt to Live, Words with Friends, Robot Unicorn Attack, and Lux just to name a few.  They were all laid back games without a lot of pressure to perform.  It was perfect for my mental state.

Today I'm still dragging, so I started playing Bloons TD 4 and a couple of other flash games on Kongregate.  It got me thinking that my state of mind really influences what I want to play.  Most "hardcore" games are too overwhelming when I'm absolutely exhausted but tons of casual games are still relaxing and fun.  Keep in mind this is coming from a lifetime gamer, but I think casual games are a lot more relaxing.

What games do you find to be enjoyable no matter how tired you are?  Do you know of any high quality gaming activities to do when you just need to zone out and not think?  Let me know in the comments, I would love to check them out.


  1. I often play game demos when I'm too burned out to play whatever AAA game I'm currently working my way through. That, or just avoid the computer altogether.

  2. I do a lot of reading when I'm too burned out to play games. Reading is always an awesome option.

  3. When I'm too tired for serious games, I turn to Kongregate and other sites for what I call "stupid-fun" -- having fun without having to fire all cylinders in my brain.


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