Blog List Fixed

When I switched over to the new domain it apparently affected my search bar and my blog list.  The search is only looking through posts that were originally posted on the new domain.  I can't do anything to fix that except to keep writing and build up new posts for it to search.  I'll probably try to link to some older posts to help out too.

The blog list, on the other hand, I can easily fix.  So I have.  Make sure to check it out on the right hand section of the screen (scroll down a bit).  Those really are my favorite blogs and I check for updates on each blog every day.  If you have never heard of Systemic Babble, Bio Break, Professor Beej, Tobold, Lost in Neurons, Joystiq, Massively, or Copyblogger you are really missing out on some great content.  I follow a lot of the bloggers on twitter as well and they are all great people.  If I forgot to add anyone to the list I apologize in advance.  I'm sure it'll hit me in the next day or so and I'll add you back in.


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