The Legend of Zelda

This is where the series starts and where my sampling of the series begins.  The Legend of Zelda is a game I played and loved as a kid.  I've beaten it many time, but none of them recently.  But hey, when you're a kid and don't have many games on hand you beat all the ones you own multiple times.

 A few years ago, my brother and I took a day on Virtual Console to see how far we could actually get in the game.  We made it through five-ish dungeons before giving up.  This game is really hard.

I can't believe how much I must have mastered it as a kid to be able to beat it on more than one occasion.  Sitting down and playing it yesterday was an exercise in frustration.  Yes, the core of the series we love is here... but it's still gameplay from the 80s.  It's difficult to make progress and even using the save states on Virtual Console it's still full of frustratingly tough section.

I played through the first few dungeons last night just to refresh my memory.  Although I love the open world, exploration, and core of the series in The Legend of Zelda it's just not a game that I want to spend my time playing all the way through.

I've been there and done that.

If you have never actually tried this first entry and you already love the Zelda series you truly owe it to yourself to at least spend a day with The Legend of Zelda for the NES.  Pick it up on Virtual Console for your system of choice and just dive in to see where everything started.

It's kind of amazing how many elements from this first game carry through the series.


  1. I just played this for the first time a month or two ago. I also gave up around dungeon 5 or 6. Like many NES games, it relies so much on secrets which I don't have the patience to find on my own. But it was fun to play for a bit and see how much of one of my favourite NES games, Star Tropics borrowed from it.

    1. Yeah, the secrets definitely get annoying. I know I loved it as a kid but it's hard to go back to as an adult.


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