S1E35 - The Legend of Zelda - “As much as I like saying the words Monkey Dungeon”

The Legend of Zelda
  • The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s flagship series, but surprisingly, it’s one of the few that actually does a lot better in the West than it does in Japan. Many may not realize the series was created by Miyamoto, the same genius who created Mario, though Aonuma has been in charge of the series since his major success with Ocarina of Time in 1998.
  • Generally, we’ve played them all. Beej has only missed 3 of them, and they’re on purpose. Void has just completed a lite playthrough of the whole series, in which he ranked them all for current playability, rather than nostalgia.
  • Do you guys remember the animated series? Beej sure does!
  • We discuss the difference in 2D and 3D Zelda games, which kind of feel like two separate series of games, but with the same base mechanics.
  • Zelda games! We don’t go in-depth for every one (because some just aren’t worth the time, honestly), but we do discuss our favorites, our memories, and just why some of them stand up for 20+ years, while others can’t even stay a few years.
  • Have you folks ever completed a Zelda game 100%? WE HAVE! The only one Void is sure he has ever 100%’d was Majora’s Mask, while the only game Beej has fully completed is Ocarina of Time.
  • Void’s rankings will be on his blog soon enough, but we discuss his top 5. (Hint, they’re probably not what you’re thinking they are.)
  • We talk about the things we love and the things we loathe about Zelda games. For instance, we are super tired of the long, tedius intro villages in 3D Zelda games. Just stop, Nintendo. Just stop. However, we truly love the puzzles and non-linear worlds that we can explore. We are super excited for Breath of the Wild because from the released footage so far, it seems like they’ve read our minds and are making the perfect Zelda game for the Geek to Geek guys.
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