Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 was another Gamefly game I checked out recently.  It's actually the most approachable game in this subgenre I've tried so far.  In the past I tried Dark Souls and Bloodborne but never got too far into either one because the difficulty just wasn't fun for me.  I like making progress in my games.

But Dark Souls 3 was actually much more approachable than either of these.  The tutorial was quick and in-game.  I felt like I understood the basics in the first five minutes.  I had enough control to not die at all in the hour or so that I played.  I even beat the first boss on the first try!

So, I thought maybe this would be my first true on-boarding into the series!  But alas, bad player messaging got in the way.  What I mean by that is that I actually couldn't figure out where to go next.  I felt like I explored every nook and cranny while killing all the enemies but the path forward was unclear.  It was super frustrating because I was on a roll with the combat.  It was actually pretty fun.

But unclear messaging like that so early in the game is just a taste of design philosophies that are probably throughout the rest of the game.  So I was done.  Total play time around 1 hour.  Zero deaths.  Stopped out of boredom from not being able to progress forward.


  1. Hmm, did you try stick the twisted sword into the bonfire cauldron at Firelink Shrine? It's the one the five thrones are looking at. You'll need to do that to warp out from there to continue.

    1. That's probably what I needed to do. Couldn't figure it out so I sent the game back.

    2. Hehe took me awhile to work out too. That's ok, the difficulty ramps up significantly again soon after that warp so you might still have sent it back anyway. :P

    3. I was actually kinda getting into the combat.


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