The Long Dark Impressions

The Long Dark was a surprising hit for me.  I don't normally like survival games but this one set such an amazing atmosphere and truly made me feel like I was in the Canadian wilderness.

I do wish it had a story mode and also a tutorial but I suppose it is still in early access.  Being thrown into the wild with no real instructions was also fascinating in it's own way, although I really do think a tutorial is called for.

Anyway, the goal as far as I can tell it is to survive as long as possible while exploring the surrounding around.  They have a bunch of different sandbox areas set up and you can pick which one you want to start in.  Like many survival games you have a bunch of meters, in this case hunger, temperature, tiredness, and thirst.  You have to make sure none of them fall too low for too long, otherwise you lose.

I'm not sure why this survival game held my attention for awhile when most of them I bounce right off of.  I'm really excited to see what the final version of this game is like once it's out of early access.


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