Batman v Superman

I finally got around to watching this movie now that it's out of theaters and wow, I'm super glad I didn't spend the money and time on a theater trip for it.

I can't believe this is the movie they came up with from the Batman v Superman source material.  I see why everyone railed against it while it was in theaters.

I actually spent a solid two days after watching it sending texts to my friend as I deconstructed it in my mind and found more and more things wrong with the movie.

At this point I could either dive into all those points or just warn you away from this one.  I think I'll do the later since this movie doesn't deserve any more of my time than it's already gotten.  Be warned, Batman v Superman is bad.


  1. Well... Gal Godot is nice eye candy, at least. When she's on the screen then that part's good.... ;-)

    But yeah, as to the rest of it.... seriously? Yikes!


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