HBO Now Subscription

So... I picked up an HBO Now subscription this year since they've finally gotten their shit together and are offering Game of Thrones streaming at the same second it goes live on air.  I'm happy to give them a little bit of money for the show I love.

I figured I would play around with it and see if there are any other shows, movies, or specials I wanted to see.  I mean, HBO has been around since like the 80s, there must be a ton of good content, right!?


I tried a bunch of pilots or watched the beginning of specials and just wasn't interested in any of it.  The only movies or TV series that looked good were the ones I'd already seen or ones I already own.  In this category is stuff like Band of Brothers.

But I guess I'm just spoiled by how much content is on other streaming platforms.  In comparison HBO Now feels just so empty.  So, I'll be canceling my subscription now that the season is done.

I'm actually really surprised by how little content they have on offer.  At least there's always next year when they'll get my money for another 2.5 months with Season 7 of Game of Thrones.


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