Titan Souls Impressions

I picked up a couple new Steam games in the Steam sale over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  At this point I have almost all the Steam games I want, I just keep indie oddities on my wishlist so if they drop low enough I can grab them on the cheap.

Titan Souls is the first one of the games in this category that I grabbed in the latest sale.

The basic premise of the game is that you are given one arrow to shoot (and retrieve), one point of health, and one hit kills.  One hit on your character will instantly destroy you but one arrow in the right spot at the right time will kill a boss too.

It makes for an interesting dynamic.  The entire game is made up of boss fights and the open world spaces between them.  In a big way it reminds me of the structure of Shadow of the Colossus.

Bosses are scary and imposing at first while you figure out their weakness and their patterns.  Then you think you've figured it out but can't quite execute the kill correctly.  And finally you have a good run and vanquish the boss.  I really like the structure of the game and the fights.

I beat about four or five bosses and had fun with the game.  I'm going to put it on hold to try out other games but I think Titan Souls is pretty cool.


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