Ori and the Blind Forest Impressions

Ori and the Blind Forest is another game I grabbed during the Black Friday Steam Sale.

It's a beautiful platformer with great sound design.  It set a mood and made me feel for the characters within the first ten minutes.  It seems like it has high production values and offers a lot for platformer fans.

I'm coming to realize that I may have played so many platformers in my life that I'm not nearly the fan I used to be.  I'll still sit down and love all my time with a new Mario game... but beyond that I'm finding the genre less and less interesting.  Everything feel derivative and samey.

That's how I feel about Ori and the Blind Forest.  I can tell intellectually that it's a really good platformer with fantastic art direction and a story to tell.  My problem is that moment to moment it's not doing much for me in the gameplay.

I'm going to set this one aside and if I'm ever in the mood for a solid platformer that's not Mario I'll come back to it.


  1. Ahhh 100% my platformer experience. Love Ori and Beat Buddy, both great looking, fun platformers with an awesome score but I get tired after 20mins. I will happily play through Mario on GB in a sitting but otherwise, nope!

    1. I've never run into a Mario platformer that I didn't enjoy. I think I've beaten them all. But after so many years with Mario it's just like nothing else compares. All other platformers let me down... unless they have some crazy twist I haven't seen before.

    2. I did really enjoy Rayman Legends, the only time I got into another platforming frenzy! Game is incredibly fun, very high value in all ways, and gets hard later on.

  2. I thought Rayman legends was far better - just tighter mechanics and better level pacing.
    but then - i like platformers haha, and they're not for everyone


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