Jessica Jones Season 1 Review

I think this is the best thing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created so far.  It's so much better than the other shows I've watched, especially compared to DareDevil.

Where DareDevil left me frustrated with the pacing problems and inconsistency in quality, Jessica Jones is well paced and interesting the entire way through.  I watched it in two sittings but stopping that first night because I had to go to bed was painful since I was so engrossed in the story.

The premise is that Jessica Jones has super powers but doesn't want to be a super hero.  She's super strong and can heal faster than normal people but she mostly just uses her powers in an everyday sort of way while doing her job as a private investigator.  The story is all about her dealing with her powers and confronting her past with the villain Kilgrave, who is played by the amazing David Tennant.  I thought he was good in Doctor Who but he's amazing in Jessica Jones.

Kilgrave is a mind controller who does basically whatever he wants.  In the past he had taken control of Jessica and used her powers against her will.  The main thrust of the story is about Jessica deciding to fight back against Kilgrave and the ways she goes about it... while still being worried that he might gain control over her again.

The show gets dark and violent but never for the sake of darkness or violence.  In DareDevil I felt like they made things extra bloody or violent just because they could.  In Jessica Jones whenever it goes there it feels like it fits the story.  That makes such a huge difference in my ability to enjoy the show.

It also deals with adult issues like sex and complex relationships.  The thirteen episodes truly do cover a lot of ground.

If Marvel makes more shows like this as part of their Marvel Cinematic Universe then I'm in.  I'll be watching them all.  Now that I've finished Jessica Jones I'm really excited to see what they do with the next couple Netflix Original Marvel shows, Luke Cage and then The Defenders.  I have high hopes.


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