"Retail Therapy"

Sometimes my wife kids jokes around and says she needs some "retail therapy" when she's going out shopping.  It's a running gag for us.

The other week I was sick and I realized that I actually do some retail therapy by browsing Amazon.  I don't usually buy things without thinking about them for a really long time... but something about browsing Amazon is comforting.

And it's just browsing too.  I'm not actually buying anything.  I'm just clicking on related items and seeing if there's anything out there I haven't thought about.  Usually I'm browsing electronics, video games, and board games... but who knows where the related items will take me.  Often, I'll end up with a new set of board games in my wishlist.

Anyway, I didn't buy anything, but I browsed for awhile and had fun.  I never browse in stores so it's kind of strange that I'll browse on Amazon.  Does this happen to anyone else?


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