I know negativity is rampant in the online community.  I don't know how much I have to say about it, but it's our topic of the week so let's see what I can come up with.

Generally, if people are being negative online I simply refuse to interact with them.  I don't waste time being angry with people on the internet.  I just shrug to myself and move on with my day.  They aren't worth my time.

I try not to be negative on this blog.  If I ever come off that way it's not because I'm trying to rip apart the media I'm interacting with.  It's because I process a lot of my media thoughts through writing about them here.  If I don't like something I usually write about it to find out why I don't like it, not to just bash it.  I hope my thought process and my interactions with media help you make good decisions with your time.  I write for me, but it's nice to be a useful resource too.

How do you guys deal with online negativity?  Ignore it?  Try to correct it?  Interact with it?  I'm curious.

And, it's Friday once again!  That means it's time for another link-up.  If you came across any interesting posts in the last week, or wrote any, drop them in the link-up below (You'll have to click through if you're reading via RSS)!


  1. Last night while running through WOW's Darkmoon Faire, General Chat was pretty disgusting, so I just flipped to the Combat tab and went about my business.
    Online, it is easy to just not read, comment or engage with the Trollforce.
    In person, most people seem to be completely different and it is rare that you get a rant. Somehow in person they've got their own "off" button.

    1. Yeah, I've noticed that too. People tend to be civil in person. At least you have tools online that let you mute others.

  2. It depends on the topic. If it's just people being annoying about not getting their way, I ignore it. If they are attacking someone else with negatitivity I usually say something back or tell the person being attacked to ignore them or start up a more pleasant conversation to get back on track or just make them feel better. If it's about facts, I correct them since a lot of the negativity comes from misunderstanding.


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