Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper launched last week on iOS and Android.  I dug into it for a few days to see what it had to offer.  I was trying to see if there was much long term appeal in the game or if it was something I could let go of relatively quickly.

Like I said, it only lasted for a few days.  Then I had experienced enough to delete the game and move on with my life.

It's a free-to-play Final Fantasy nostalgia game.  The hook is that you get to relive many of the famous Final Fantasy scenes from across the whole Final Fantasy series.  You get to collect your favorite characters and make your dream party to fight battles with.  Find characters, collect gear, acquire new abilities, and level up.  It sounds great on paper.

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is there to prey on your nostalgia... not to celebrate it.  It's much more forgiving than most free-to-play games.  I never felt like I had to buy anything.  And the wait times for energy to recharge weren't that bad either.  That doesn't make it a good game.

It's still free-to-play.  The production values are low and the gameplay is much too simple.  It doesn't take long to see all the mechanics the game has to offer.  After that you're just grinding through levels to try to unlock your favorite Final Fantasy scenes.  Honestly, a better use of your time would be to just look them up on YouTube.  Or you could always replay the original games.

Record Keeper becomes a time suck without much reward.  Even for someone like me who has played almost every Final Fantasy game... it felt hollow.

I keep holding out hope that Square Enix will make a mobile Final Fantasy game with high production values that doesn't have any free-to-play mechanics.  I love playing games on my phone, as long as they're not there to take advantage of me.  We'll see if that ever happens with Final Fantasy.


  1. Your experience mirrors mine pretty well.... although I lasted a couple of weeks of light play. There's just not enough substance to the game to make it fun, despite my love of the art / characters / music.

  2. It's hardly a game. More an elaborate menu which tries to hold your attention by showing you pictures of some of your most cherished memories. I wasn't fooled either.

  3. I've found the elite dungeons to be a lot more interesting. Early stuff? Auto-attack all day long. But later fights? If you're versed in Final Fantasy, you can usually guess at how a fight will go and prep accordingly with abilities, characters, and equipment.

    Still. If you're not one for grinding, it's definitely not for you. And that's okay. But I've been enjoying myself. As I said on Twitter, I'm apparently okay being prey.

  4. I enjoy FFRK and for a f2p mobile game, its good. I'll recommend it


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