PC Gaming Catch-Up Impressions the Eleventh

Spacebase DF-9

Spacebase DF-9 is a game by Doublefine, who have a fairly good track record for games.  When I started playing this game it instantly reminded me of rymdkapsel.  You need to build a base in space while harvesting resources from around you.

Luckily, this game is much better than rymdkapsel was.  There are a lot more options and tools to control individual parts of your base and assign workers to different tasks.  If I had to pick between the two games I would choose this one for sure.

That being said, it's still not a very thrilling game.  Not much happens while you build your space base.  It almost feels like playing Sim City, but in space.  You need to keep your citizens happy and meet their demands.  It's not a bad game, but I won't be going back to it soon.

Papers, Please

Papers, Please deserves all the praise it gets for having unique gameplay.  You are a laborer in a made up eastern European country and your job is to approve or deny people who want to cross into your country.  The rules at the checkpoint get more complicated every day and the challenge is in cross checking information to figure out whether you should approve or deny a visa.

It tells an interesting story through gameplay.  You need to approve and deny visas as fast as possible so you can continue to feed your family, but if you let the wrong people through you can cause terrorist incidents.  People try to bribe and threaten their way in too.

It's a really cool concept and it deserves the praise it gets.  The reason I, personally, don't like it is that I'm bad at the game.  Like, really bad.  I guess I just suck at cross checking information.

Torchlight II

I love the look and feel of this game.  I've tried so many different Diablo clones over the years and Torchlight II is my favorite in terms of aesthetics.  The world is vibrant and varied as are the characters.  The gameplay is solid and any fan of the Diablo-type clickfest games is going to love this one.

These type of games only appeal to me occasionally, and now is not one of those times.  Although, I am glad to have this in my Steam library.  The next time I get a craving for an action RPG clickfest I'm going to turn to Torchlight II.


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