Happy New Year! 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

I know a lot of gaming sites and blogs have been doing top games of the year lists lately.  Honestly, I wasn't overly impressed by many of the games that came out this year.  I had fun with a bunch, but none of them truly wowed me.

My top gaming experience of the year is Final Fantasy.  I've been playing through the whole Final Fantasy series and having a blast.  I've had more fun with the Final Fantasy series than any other game or series I've played this year.

If I had to pick a top game of the year it would be Bravely Default.  It came out early in the year, but it tied in perfectly with my Final Fantasy games.  Bravely Default is an amazing RPG on 3DS created by the same developer who makes Final Fantasy.  The Final Fantasy lineage definitely shows while playing the game.  I played all the way through to the true ending of the game and loved all my time with it.  I'm super excited for the sequel!

I'm hoping to finish up the core of my Final Fantasy project early this next year and then branch back out to other games and genres.  I had a fun year of gaming, even though most of my time was spent with older game.

I hope you had a great gaming year too!  Happy New Year!


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