Most Anticipated Game of the 2015

I know we're almost done with January already, but I keep reading articles and posts about most anticipated games of 2015.  And nothing has really released yet this year.

This got me thinking.  What's my most anticipated game of 2015?  When I took some time to think about it I was kind of surprised by my answer.

Bravely Second!

I've obviously been on a Final Fantasy kick lately, and Bravely Default was my favorite game of the last year.  So when I really looked at games targeted to release in 2015 it's Bravely Second that stands out above the rest.

I loved Bravely Default's JRPG style brought to us with some updates for the modern era.  If Bravely Second maintains that and evens out the pacing of the story it should be an amazing game.


  1. Assuming Bravely Second will have a slightly better story and more classes, I think it'll be perfect just the same. Well, I wouldn't mind some more challenging side missions stuff, or challenge in general. Bravely Default was great, but ended up being a bit easier than I wanted with all the convenience factors thrown in.

    1. The only thing that bugged me about Bravely Default was the repetitiveness toward the end of the game. Anyone who has beaten the "true" ending of the game will know what I'm talking about. It was way too much overuse of the same content.


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