Abandoned Games

We've all done it.  We start a game with dreams in our heart only to find it lackluster as we play.  One day we just stop playing and then never really find our way back to it.  I know it's happened to me and I know it's happened to you.

For some reason at some point you have abandoned a game without getting your money's worth.

This year I dropped Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age II without completing them.  I try to be good about only buying games that I'm going to play to completion, but it's not always possible to know in advance how much I'm going to like a game.  That's one of the reasons I save up my "maybe" games throughout the year and then try them out with my Gamefly subscription in the summer.  I really don't want to invest $60 in a game that I won't get the most out of.

I don't feel as bad when I buy a cheaper game and stop playing them part way through.  That's probably why I'm trending towards downloadable titles and indie game lately.  Sales on Steam, XBLA, and the iOS ipod app store all get me excited.

More companies are releasing demos alongside their games now too.  I love this trend because it's just another way to ensure I don't get burned with my game choices.

So, readers, how about you?  What bad game purchasing decisions stand out in your mind?  Did you pick up any flops this year?


  1. The first Assassin's Creed. It's stylish, the controls are intuitive, the world is beautiful, and I just cannot for the life of me stay interested longer than about the first four assassinations. I'd say it's because it's repetitive, but really, it's not more repetitive than a lot of games I've played through to completion. I dunno what it is, it's great, I just never stay into it.

  2. Hrm... I've dropped a few games, but it's not because of lack of interest, it's lack of time. Recettear is the one that comes to mind first, as well as FFXII. I like them both, and want to play more, but I have a lot going on, and they slip down the priority list.

    ...in the end, maybe that's the same result, but I didn't lose interest in them.


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