No Tolerance for Rude People

I was playing a bunch of League of Legends yesterday and having a great time until I got into this one game where a teammate would not shut up about the way everyone else on the team was playing.  He was trying to micro-manage everyone else while at the same time telling us and the other team how much we sucked at the game.  In less then a minute I had him on my ignore list.

I realized that I used to have a much higher tolerance for rude people.  I would try to work with them, or be nice to them and make them understand that some people are still learning a game.  Now I just ignore them.  I have better things to do with my time.  If someone else is ruining my gameplay experience why should I bother listening to them?

It isn't only League of Legends either.  When people are whiny, complaining, or making fun of teammates in Halo Reach I'll mute them as soon as possible.  I'm sure if I went back to WoW and started running dungeons I wouldn't want to listen to any rude group members either.

I don't know if it's an age thing or if I've simply seen one too many assholes in all my days of gaming, but I'm done putting up with them.  What about you readers?  Do you still try to work with rude people or have you given up on them too?


  1. I, like you, have avery low tolerance of rude people, I think developers of online games should recognise this and provide tools to the players to combat this.
    I saw you mentioned Halo Reach, this game has a rather nifty feature where if a person is muted too often they will start all their online games muted. I thought this was amazing and look forward to new advances in anti-asshole design.


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