Cataclysm Hype Rising

A lot of my friends have been talking about World of Warcraft.  The pre-expansion patch was just released which apparently changed a lot of gameplay mechanics.  Events leading up to the Cataclysm are happening in game and there's a general excitement for the impending expansion.

Discussing WoW has gotten me excited for it again.  I haven't touched the game in over a year now but my resolve is weakening every day.  A side effect of my account getting hacked is that there is still some pre-paid game time on it from the gold seller.  I might use the couple free days that I have to give WoW another try.

I would probably have to get a server transfer to play with my friends again, which would suck.  I might even just start from scratch when Cataclysm rolls out.  I love my druid though, so I don't want all the effort I put into him to go to waste.

Along with the peer pressure from my friends, Blizzard just released the awesome introduction video to Cataclysm.  Seeing all those well know locations get owned makes me want to go explore the new world.  I'll let you know if my willpower gives out.


  1. You do realize BlizzCon is just starting, right? Like, today.


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