The Summer Slump

The summer slump of game releases is here in force.  The only game I'm looking forward to this summer is StarCraft 2.  Nothing else coming out looks to be worthy of a purchase.

The palm tree is StarCraft 2 in the wasteland of summer releases

So, what should I do with my free gaming time this summer?  Well, fallback games are always an option.  My 2 fallback games at the moment - Team Fortress 2 and Modern Warfare 2 - are still extremely fun.  I plan on wasting some summer hours on Kongregate playing through flash games that I haven't tried yet.  I love how much free content is on that site.

I'm also contemplating starting up a MMO again.  I haven't been hooked on one since about this time last year.  The summer slump seems to encourage me to pick up a new - or old - MMO most summers.  Despite what I wrote the other day, I may still check out LotRO before it goes free to play.  I suppose going back to WoW is always another option.  I haven't logged in since right before the Ulduar patch so I would have some catching up to do gear-wise.  But I really want to try out that new dungeon finder system eventually.

I tried Star Trek Online, Champions Online, EVE Online (again), and Guild Wars in the past year and wasn't overly impressed by any of them.  None of them managed to offer me more than a week of entertainment before I grew bored.  I think LotRO or WoW would be the way to go this summer or I could always go pick up DDO again for free.

The other option is to dive into my collection of games and replay ones that are gathering dust on the shelf.  I have a half completed Dragon Age Origins game that I somehow got distracted from.  I love Bioware RPGs and I honestly can't remember why I stopped playing it.  Street Fighter IV has been calling my name ever since the release of Super Street Fighter IV.  I also want to re-explore Prince of Persia because I was sorely disappointed with the series' latest offering.

  My soul weeps at the lack of new releases

Dear readers, what are your summer gaming plans?  Are you too going to dive into your gaming backlog or re-explore some oldies but goodies?  Do you have any good games that I should investigate?  I'm more than willing to check out any recommendations.  Let me know about your summer plans and tell me what you think I should do with my free gaming time!


  1. I'll be plowing through my backlog, and maybe replaying DA:O.

  2. I recently discovered a 1999 game The Longest Journey. It's pretty good so far.

  3. You're playing a game from over ten years ago? Wow, how is it holding up against modern day standards?

  4. Only think that bugs me is the pixelation.


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