Fight the Summer Slump with Flash Games

 The summer slump is in full effect... or affect.  I never know.  Anyway, with more than a month until I get to play StarCraft 2 again I've been turning to other sources of entertainment.  I always have a book I'm reading, a series I'm watching, and a game I'm playing.  I've been contemplating whether I should start up an MMO again, but for the moment I'm happy with free flash games.

If you don't already know, I love tower defense games.  They are easy to pick up and play even for a non-gamer.  Most of them don't require a huge time investment either.  Bloons TD 3 has always been one of my favorite tower defense games and I just discovered that Bloons TD 4 has been released!  That's been holding my attention for the better part of a week and I'm still highly amused by it.  Unlike other tower defense games where monsters and enemies try to reach the end of the level, Bloons TD has balloons that need popping.  The pop sound attained with every balloon death is supremely satisfying.

If you, like me, are in a summer gaming slump, you should click on over to Kongregate and explore some of the many free flash games offered.


  1. Have you played any of 2DArrays' games? He's probably my favorite flash game author:

    Best two there are 'Company of Myself' and 'Viricide'.

  2. I've played Company of Myself. That's an awesome game. I didn't realize the same developer had other games out. I'll check out Viricide for sure.


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