Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Just Cause 3 Impressions

Just Cause 3 is another Gamefly trial game for me.  I kinda liked it... somewhat.

See, the core gameplay loop of moment to moment traversal and exploding things is actually super fun.  I had a great time on the island where you play around while the game installs.  I had fun doing some of the open world as soon as I got control of my character in the main story part of the game.

But then I hit a wall where I couldn't really play around any more until I did some story missions.  Those were a complete drag.  They didn't have an interesting narrative and they definitely didn't have as fun gameplay as just messing around.

If there was a mode with infinite ammo and the entire world opened up for playing around in I might have actually used the keep it button and bought this one from Gamefly.  But as things were the story just got in the way of my fun.

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