World of Warcraft Legion

Coming back to Legion with my Druid instead of the Demon Hunter was a great idea.  It started out with a bang.  It had a really cool intro with a decent story and fun cutscenes.  Then I immediately got thrown into my artifact weapon quest which is probably one of the best World of Warcraft quests I've ever played.

After that I was set up in my Druid class hall and I loved it.  The class hall idea is so good and I've always loved the Druid stuff in WoW so it completely clicked with me.

I was surprised to be given a choice of zones after that.  After researching a bit I learned that all the content in Legion scales to your level so you get to pick the order you do the zones in.  There was one that looked Druid themed so I dove into it and played through the whole zone.  It was a ton of fun.

After that I had a high enough item level that I started queuing for dungeons while working on the next zone.

But that's where I ran out of steam.  The druid zone had such a good story that I cared about.  It had lots of cutscenes, story development, and meaningful interaction with characters I've know since Warcraft 3.  The next zone I tried had almost none of that.  I thought maybe I could just grind some levels in the dungeon finder and then move on to a different zone but I quickly learned you're locked into your current zone until you finish it.  That's the way it seems anyway.

So after doing each dungeon once or twice and completely losing all momentum in the zone I was essentially trapped in... I put the game down.  I'm done with WoW again.  Probably for a few years.

I played for approximately seven days after being away for more than five years and that was enough for me.


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