S1E44 - Before Star Wars: Rogue One - “I would scream in the theater”

Before Star Wars Rogue One
In this episode:
  • We’re excited because a new Star Wars movie is coming out. We couldn’t resist talking about it before hand.
  • This is not a spoiler episode, and we are releasing this a day early for you folks to listen to in time for the weekend’s releae. We will only be talking about stuff from the trailers and maybe a bit from the prequel novel.
  • Next week will be our spoiler filled review of the movie. So stay tuned!
Our worries and concerns are minimal.
  • Void is worried we already know so much of the plot from the trailers and just context of the movie, but we think it may be very character driven.
  • It may not be as good as the mainline Star Wars movies, which wouldn’t bode well for the other spin-offs, and he is also worried the tone of “war movie” may not fit the franchise as well as the science-fantasy does.
  • Beej is worried there are so few Jedi and that aspect because it’s a major hallmark of the franchise. We know other media can tell different stories well, but let’s see how they do it as a film.
  • He doesn’t like the title because lots of people he knows have no idea it’s a Star Wars movie, and he is afraid it will get criticized the same as The Force Awakens for being too close to the Original Trilogy.
  • Beej wants to see some kind of Rebels tie in. We think the Ghost is in a space battle, but we really want to see a character cameo in the background or some of Sabine’s vandalism.
Theories and Wild Speculation
  • Void thinks Jyn’s father will put the Death Star’s weakness in on purpose because he is only working for the Empire to protect his family.
  • We hope to see an Ocean’s 11-style heist that will go wrong as they escape.
  • I think Jyn’s Father (Galen) put the exhaust port weakness into the Death Star on purpose because he was forced to work on it and didn’t actually want to.  He’s just doing it to protect his family.
  • I think they’ll get the plans in an ocean’s 11 style heist but it’ll all go wrong when they try to escape.
  • A bunch of them, if not all of them, might just die.
  • We are really curious how Vader will be used. This might make him scary in a way we haven’t seen since in the past we’ve only seen him go up against Jedi.
  • We see big explosions on a planet. Our guess is that it’s the Death Star doing a test firing but it’s not at full power yet. We know how fast it destroyed Alderaan and this isn’t that. So maybe they’re still perfecting it.
  • Beej hopes to see the Emperor being mean to Vader like he is in the new Marvel comics that take place between Episodes IV and V.
  • Beej wants Jyn to betray the Rebellion and join the Empire.
  • This scene gives oodles of context for Rogue One.
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