Strategy and Execution. Friends or Foes?

I have an itch to play strategy games at the moment.  StarCraft 2 has been fulfilling the need but I'm running into a problem.  I love the high minded thinking that goes into the strategy.  The clash of minds draws me in and keeps me captivated.  The dream of inventing a brand new strategy staggers me with it's awesomeness.  I want to invent a new strategy that wows and amazes.

But then I go play the game.

I get annihilated.  Absolutely demolished.  I go on losing streaks and just can't understand where the weak point in my strategy is.  The truth is, my strategy is fine but my execution is lacking.

I only have so much time to devote to gaming in a given day.  I have two jobs, a wife, and an 8 month old.  They take priority over gaming.  So let's say, on average, that amount of gaming time is 2 hours per day.

Is there any possible way for me to compete with master level players who devote 12+ hours to the game each day?  No.  There's no way that's going to happen.

But what about the people who play 4 hours a day?  I want to get to their level.  I want the execution skills of someone with a little more play time than me.  That's good, it's something to strive for.  It's a goal.  As time goes on the whole population playing the game gets better, so I had better keep up.

I started this post with the need to vent about my losing streak but the writing took a weird turn on me.  It's made me realize that getting a little bit better is actually a good goal.  I should stop feeling bad that my execution isn't perfect.  I have a good life and I like my other responsibilities.  I don't need to be a master level player.  All I want to do is keep getting better, one game at a time.


  1. Even though I don't play Starcraft 2 myself, I've found TotalBiscuit's "I suck at Starcraft" and LagTV's "When Cheese Fails 101" to be highly informative. Record your games and analyze the mistakes you made and the opportunities you didn't seize.

  2. Those are both really good shows. I've checked them out before.

    Replays are so helpful in SC2. I constantly go back and rewatch games that I've just played. It helps improve a ton.

  3. even though this may be an older post, i'm scouring your page right now, (not creep i swear)
    and if you still play sc2 id be up for some friendly or sc2 friendly training matches sometime. with the goal that we both get better!


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