Losing, Music, and Attitude

 Tiny Tiny Chameleon has a good attitude.  Do you?

I've been doing a lot of laddering in StarCraft 2 lately and one of the problems on the ladder is the frustration of losing.  It sucks because I know that losing to a random stranger I'll never see again shouldn't be a big deal.  I don't get pissed off, but I do end up frustrated because I want to do better.  I want to learn more about the game and improve my skills but losing always feels like proof that I'm not skilled at all.

I try not to let losing streaks ruin my day, but I know that not all of my friends can say the same thing.  A lot of people let losing get under their skin.

There's a trick I learned to keep me in a good mood.  I've done it before with other games, but for some reason I always have to re-discover it when I'm playing something new.  The trick is high energy music.  I keep the bpm up, the music loud, and my mood soars.

With the beat bumping I can have a horrible loss, rock out to my music for 15 seconds, and move on to the next game.  I can shrug off the normal anxiety and anger that comes from a loss.  The mood of the music keeps me positive and allows me to ladder for a long time in one sitting.

This works for any competitive game.  I recommend it for any PVP that's causing you frustration.  Try it out and see if it helps.


  1. id just like to say, that this seems to be the problem I have with 1v1, I enjoy them much more than the other ones, but the "pressure" of winning really gets to me, even before a game! even though my win/loss is almost 50/50 i dont want to even play sometimes because of it!


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