Current Games: Scatterbrained Edition

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After another long week I feel like I can barely string a few thoughts together, so I'm just going to ramble for a bit about my impressions of the games I'm currently playing.

I beat Portal 2 today and loved it.  The humor was even better than the first game and the last boss fight left me amazed.  I'm now working through co-op with my brother.  Co-op is a fun change of pace, but for me the meat of the game seems to have been in the single player campaign.  I might play through it again for the developer commentary.  All this being said, if you don't feel a huge itch to play it right now, Portal 2 will still be a great game when Steam decides to do a giant discount on it.  You know it will happen, it's simply a matter of time.

I'm once again really into StarCraft 2.  It's my main fallback game, but lately it has just been my game of choice.  I've been watching streams and tournaments on top of actually playing.  I play it almost every day during lunch at work (with an awesome co-worker team) and try to ladder a bit each night at home.  My wife even noticed how long I've been enjoying StarCraft 2.  Since it isn't a passing game that I play for 2-3 weeks and then never touch again, she asked me to teach her how to play.  I love my wife so much.  You have no idea how amazing it is to watch her smash an opponent.

Final Fantasy I is progressing slowly but surely.  I kicked ass and cruised through a lot of it one week and then hit a stand-still after that.  I'll circle back around to it soon.

Dragon Age II lost a lot of momentum in the second act.  I can't seem to find the urge to play it.

I've been finding time to squeeze in some ipod touch gaming.  Tiny Wings is usually the app I boot up but Battleheart is getting some decent play time too.  I love these games because I can jump in, have fun, and be done in less than five minutes.

What's everyone else currently playing?


  1. Stuff I'm playing:

    - Super Scribblenauts (DS), which is incredible.

    - Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, a roguelike on the PC.

    - Lego Indiana Jones 2 with my wife.

    Mostly I'm just biding my time for The Witcher 2..... it might be the first game that I buy for full price this year.

  2. Is Super Scribblenauts the second game? I played the first and loved the idea but got really frustrated with the execution.

    I'm going to wait and see your impressions of The Witcher 2. I know you liked the first game, but it sounded as if it had some big flaws. If the second one is more refined I might pick it up.

  3. Yeah - this is the second Scribblenauts. I didn't play the first, so have no point of comparison, but it's been absolutely brilliant. I think I've used 1300 unique nouns and over 300 unique adjectives so far... and I have 2 full worlds and two bonus worlds left to beat.

    It's very puzzley.... not much platforming (which I heard was terrible in the first game). There's a really diverse selection of level types, which keeps it fresh.


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