Healing and Tanking Are Fun

I forgot how fun tanking and healing can be.  Long long ago I tried healing on my druid, but could never get enough group content to actually make it worthwhile.  After that I switched to a feral spec that would let me tank.  I loved tanking because I got to dictate the pace of every dungeon I entered.

Then I hit max level and something interesting happened, I started getting shit from everyone.  If I messed up a pull, didn't go fast enough, or if the group wiped I would get called all sorts of names.  People would ragequit and say it was because of me.  I had enough of that, so I switched to a feral dps spec and have stayed there since Burning Crusade.

With all the alts I've been rolling I decided to give healing and tanking another try.  The dungeon finder makes it easier then ever to find a group, especially as a healer or tank.  I didn't realize how much I had missed doing something other than dps.  It opens up the game in a whole new way.  Once again I'm the one pushing the group forward or keeping everyone alive.

The best part is no one giving me shit.  At low levels groups are just happy to have a healer or tank.  They're almost afraid of offending me because it takes such a long time to queue as dps but I can queue and have a group almost instantly.  I can ditch them and find a new group in a second, but they're stuck with me or a 45 minute wait.  It puts the power in my hands.

I hope others start to realize this about low level healing and tanking.  It might finally help the shortages at max level.  Then again, once I hit max level I think pugs are going to be brutal to me again.  I'm far from that point, so no worries for now.  Does anyone else have any interesting tanking or healing insight?


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