Geek to Geek S5E39 - Super Mario 3D Retrospective - "The best game that no one should play"

We’ve been playing a bunch of 3D Mario games. Which makes sense because it's the 35th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros on NES all the way back in 1985. We even did an issue of PRESS START on Mario at!

Beej has been playing a TON of Mario games, not just 3D ones, either. But he finally beat Super Mario Odyssey and likes it a lot more than he did beforehand. Between Super Mario 3D Land and World, the level-based platforming is covered, the New Wii U Deluxe version is getting some Switch play, and then there's the brand new Super Mario 3D All-Stars that just released that everyone is playing and loving. He's playing that, too! Whew! 

And Void is, too! He's focusing more on the Super Mario 3D All-Stars part of things, but really loves him some Super Mario Galaxy. Enough that he beat it on its own already. He wants Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Switch, and his thinking is that we're going to see it as DLC for the All-Stars collection. Wouldn't that awesome? What do you think?

The guys go into even more depth on all the games in the series, really talking a stroll down memory lane for each and every 3D Mario game (and then some!).

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Weekly Geekery

For Weekly Geekery this week, Beej has been playing with LEGO Super Mario thanks to Elinzia's review on, watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix and spawns a good tangent for you listeners. And Void has been watching the Mandalorian with his kids, so they're finally getting into Star Wars from some of the newest and strongest content imaginable. They get to experience it all for the first time, and we're so jealous! Void then goes on about Fortnite and how the new Marvel content is some of the best stuff the game has ever done. Hands down. Beej agrees. Of course, he hasn't played since Season 1, really, but he likes agreeing. So he did.

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